The Freelance

Short films aren’t the whole picture. We also specialize in highly original commercials, promos, and branded shorts. Our award-winning spots have aired on major networks and been utilized in various online campaigns.

Commercial, “The Space Jacket” (2017)
Client: Betabrand


Web Short, “Landscapia” (2016)
Client: TimeLine Video

Internal Brand Video, “Bed Bath & Beyond” (2016)
Client: Bed Bath & Beyond


Web Series Short, “Editor Man: Editor Mannequin Challenge” (2016)
Client: TimeLine Video


Promotional Short Film, “Packaged Designer” (2015)
Client: FAI Design Group


Reel, “Ladd Fraternale” (2014)


Parody Commercial, “Packaged Designer Infomercial” (2015)
FAI Design Group


Parody, “The Squeaking” (2013)


Branded Parody, “ISSL x Breaking Bad” (2013)


Commercial, “Curious-On-Hudson” (2013)
Client: Curious-On-Hudson